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Below are just some examples of projects we have undertaken recently and the net result received by our clients.

Net Result: Total annual savings of €128,000 

Case Study 1

Business Type: Human Food Preparation

Number of Staff: 50

Project 1: Cost reduction in food preparation area

Outcome: Changed buying process which involved slightly more expensive/kilo pricing for larger raw materials. This resulted in a 16% raw material yield increase and 15% less labour requirement

Project 2: Cost reduction in packaging area

Outcome: Implemented a new process for production which resulted in less changeovers each day and reduced the amount of runs on the same products each week

Net Result: Total annual savings of €70,000  

Case Study 2

Business Type: Human Food Processing & Preparation

Number of Staff: 20

Project 1: LEAN project to include a review of line efficiencies and process yields

Outcome: Implemented new reporting system on work hours and yields, all feeding into the companies KPI measurements

Project 2: Changed Management

Outcome: Set out a new structure whereby Management and Staff understand exactly what their roles and responsibilities are

Project 3: Cost Management

Outcome: Set up a simple structure to account for and know when to re-order consumables

Project 4: Health & Safety

Outcome: Review undertaken of the companies Health & Safety Statements for all sites.

Net Result: Successful Annual Shutdown

Case Study 3

Business Type: Whiskey Manufacturer

Number of Staff: 540

Project: Annual shutdown, service, clean & repair of all equipment in feeds recovery hall

Achievements: Accident & incident free shutdown for the site, and for areas under our control (approx. 3000 man-hours under our control). Making Health & Safety their number one priority topic, this company has a zero-tolerance approach to noncompliance with regards to Health & Safety
All plant was serviced and repaired to customers stipulations and service records, including parts used and times spent, compiled for the customer.
Coordination of departments to ensure the smooth flow of work amongst:

  • Scaffolders
  • Electricians
  • Heavy Lift Cres
  • Cleaners
  • Fitters – maintenance
  • Projects
  • Cranes / Loaders / Forklifts
  • Outside workshops carrying out external repairs

Case Study 4

Business Type: Dry Pet Food Production Mill

Number of Staff: 5

Project 1: Coaching provided as there was limited expertise on general milling & in production of pet foods

Outcome: Coaching staff on how to manufacture different types of pet foods (premium & economy quality). This included using the correct machine set up for the specific products required. Implementing record run sheets with all critical set points.

Project 2: Business Planning

Outcome: Set out business plan and presented to shareholders with expected sales, break even points, existing running costs & projected sales. Some items in this presentation came as a shock to the owner.

Project 3: Quality Planning

Outcome: Ongoing - This is an essential part of the production process

Project 4: Asset Management

Outcome: Ongoing

Project 5: Health & Safety

Outcome: Review of Health & Safety systems for staff & overall site

Project 6: Marketing (Inter Zoo Germany)

Outcome: Managed project to get company to this show

Direct Influence On The Business:

  • Coached & trained staff in new processes and in the recording of new procedures
  • Staff recruitment & selection
  • Ensuring plant complies with relevant authorities (Dept. of Agriculture, Health & Safety, Quality Procedures, NERA etc.
  • Direct involvement in plant engineering, recommissioning and purchasing of new plant and machinery
  • Project leader for negotiation and execution of Business Plan for a joint merger to manufacturing 8,000 tons per annum, for large Irish based pet food company

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